October 20, 2016


WEARING: Anna Quan Anne Shirt (Blue Trim), American Apparel Leather Skirt & Nike Force 1 Sneakers.

The trend of exaggerated and longer sleeves is not going anywhere anytime soon. It was present in a lot of the shows that I attended and in the new pieces for SS17 on display in the showrooms. So I choose this classic French cuff shirt by Anna Quan you have the option to have it monogramed, I choose not to, wanted to keep it cleaner.  Photos by Natasha Ndlovu.

Now here are some snaps of Paris Fashion Week from my iPhone, my highlight was seeing independent & emerging designers kill it alongside all the big and well known brands. Below is the Masha Ma show that I had the privilege of attending, my two favourite looks both happened to be power (yet fun) suits! The show was located in a cool-raw concrete building close to the Eiffel Tower, the music was loud and the models were drop-dead gorgeous.
Next is the Wanda Nylon show; the location was an empty warehouse by the water. The clothes were sexy and fun, the lights were dimmed. I especially loved the earrings at this show. I am so very humbled by the opportunity and experience of attending the shows and being able to go to the showrooms. I am feeling really inspired for my own brand and designs; dreams and goals are good, let us chase them!

October 13, 2016


WEARING: THP Lab Gigi Tunic, American Apparel Skirt, Nike Sneakers, Vintage Prada Bag & Celine Shades.

Long time, no post. Sorry for the delay, but I am still overseas in Europe - at the moment back in Paris, which is the reason for some of the silence. I am active on my Instagram if you want to see some of what I have been up to, check it here.

Here is one of my Paris Fashion week outfits. This beautiful Criss-Cross Knit Tunic by THP Shop; the weather has been quite nice, allowing me to show some skin and wear high slits, I styled it with sneakers to bring the sexiness down. If you don't recognize where I am, it is the Palais Royal, in the First Arrondesiment of Paris. It houses the Ministry of Culture, it is also one of the favorite locations for big brands like Isabel Marant to showcase their new collections every season. It is an exquisite building and at the rear there is a beautiful garden. If you ever have a chance to visit, I recommend it.

Over the next few weeks, I will be working on preparing updates about what shows I attended during PFW and the outfits that I have not shared yet on Instagram. Stay tuned, a lot of good things are coming soon!

September 25, 2016


WEARING: Melissa Araujo Duster, BC Label Slip Dress, A.P.C Half Moon Bag, THP Shop Cuffs, Celine Sunglasses and Tibi Mules.

The understated duster has long been an essential staple in my wardrobe, so much so that I decided to make one for my new collection (coming soon). Incredibly useful for layering year round, it encapsulates minimal style for me: simple, sleek and ultimately timeless. Here I wore it with another easy piece of the moment: the slip dress, paired with minimal accessories for that effortless style edge.

My new collection will have simple but strong silhouettes, with clean lines and some daring cut-outs. I am still in Paris (these photos were taken the day before I left to Europe), oh the grand spectacle that is Paris Fashion Week. I am loving every moment, be sure to check my Instagram and Insta stories here to see what I am up too. I will soon have blog posts about Paris, PFW and more. Everywhere you go here is a treasure of culture and fashion delight.

Photo by Jeffrey Nicholls

September 18, 2016


Change is good and I have been feeling like I needed some in my life, not just physical but also to break some old habits. I took these portraits to capture my long hair, I have had this style as far back as I can remember. Long hair was something I could always rely on and it was a big part of my identity; but people grow and want change.

I love these shots and after seeing them it gave me the extra confidence I needed to take action. Without overthinking it, I booked a hair appointment and without any fuss just got it done. I know for some people getting a hair cut is not a drastic move, but for me this was not only a big change, it was also a great boost of self-confidence.

A reminder that we can be fearless, risk takers and to never forget to try new things. If you want to see the new hairstyle check out my feed on Instagram here. Also be sure to keep checking there and my insta-stories, as I am leaving to Europe tomorrow, first stop Paris to attend PFW! Then I will be travelling around, I am beyond excited. If you are going to be in Paris holla!

Photo by Carmin Edwards

September 11, 2016


WEARING: NK iMODE Morgan Silk PJs & Beth Richards Bikini.

Last month I took a week off and traveled to Mexico; I spent most of my time in Tulum and a bit in Playa Del Carmen as well. If you are looking for a holiday that is tropical and fun but chill vibes, I highly recommend you visit this area of Mexico. There were white sandy beaches, clear aqua ocean water, along with delicious food and drinks everywhere.

I enjoyed myself immensely, it felt very authentic with both Mexican and foreign tourists alike. Everything was convenient and at your reach, during the day I relaxed in my Beth Richards bikini by the pool, swam in the ocean and enjoyed the sun. During the evenings I mostly chilled, drank Margaritas, Champagne and tried to disconnect from the digital world.

I usually over pack when I go travelling but on this trip, I made an effort not to. Only taking pieces that were easy to style, versatile and light; including these silk pjs. They did double duty, first as sleepwear and also beachwear in the day; let’s face it, the trend of lingerie as outwear is only getting stronger. How well do you pack when you travel? Please share your comments below!

Photos taken with iPhone 6

September 05, 2016


WEARING: Reformation Do It For Leo Tee, THP Shop Bomber, Melissa Araujo Cropped Bell Pants (Coming Soon!), APC Bag, Galisfly Jewellery, Celine Sunglasses and Nike Sneakers.

I can't believe Summer is almost done and Fall is around the corner, I am already layering my outfits as the weather here has started to cool off and rain a bit. This is way sooner than I wanted, and transitional dressing is always hard for me; the main reason is that I get cold super easily. By mid September I am usually in a full winter outfit, which sometimes makes me look out of place.

My solution to keep things warm, without looking crazy: bomber jackets. They are key to my fall outfits; convenient, stylish and perfect as a transitional piece. An easy layer to add or take off during the day or evening. This was my outfit for running errands over the long weekend; super comfortable, just how I like it. And on a side note, I think this Reformation Tee "Do It For Leo" is just the best thing, let's be honest who didn't have a crush on 90's Leo?!

Photos by Jeff Nicholls

August 28, 2016


WEARING: Sir The Label Top, American Apparel Skirt, A.P.C Bag, Vans Sneakers & Galisfly Rings.

This weekend I took time off for myself. No cutting or sewing, and no freelancing. Yes, I could have finished a thing or two but needed some time, while the summer is still here, because let's face it fall and winter are just around the corner. I enjoyed my patio dinner date on Friday night, a bike ride to the beach on Saturday, brunch & catch up sessions with friends on Sunday; most importantly though: some quality time spent with my boy. I hope you all had a great weekend and are reminded that sometimes it is good to just do you and relax.

I was glad to be able to squeeze in time to shoot this post. Braless in a white top is a bit daring (for me anyway), but when the top is as nice as this Sir The Label than you do it. I've paired the outfit with sneakers to bring the sexiness down. For those who don't know, my hair has a natural wave and I usually straighten it, but I am trying to incorporate the waves into my style. Does anyone else find it hard? Curls are so feminine. What do you guys think?

Photos by Jeff Nicholls